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Lynn Dance - Hypnotherapy given:      
5.0/5.0, from 3 customer testimonials.

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Feel Like my old self again

The hypnotherapy sessions I have had with Lynn have started to make me feel like my old non anxious self again. After only two sessions I was feeling so much better and more positive, believing that I was going to move forward to where I wanted to be and feel like myself again. I can't believe how quickly it has worked and how much it has helped!


I have gained a lot from the sessions

Attending the sessions has made me focus on my thoughts and put some perspective to them, to understand how the brain works and to use this knowledge to order my thoughts and anxiety in a positive way. It has taught me ways to relax and to “bin” negative thoughts.

I can use this in my every day work as well as enabling me to feel calmer; it has improved my sleep pattern which in turn has had a positive effect on how I feel generally. In feel I have gained a lot from the sessions.

Thank you.


Really helpful

I would just like to say how the hypnotherapy treatments with Lynn have been really helpful.

I feel calmer and able to rationalize my fears over heights and flying.

The CD Lynn provides reinforces the therapy – I listen to this at least twice a week.

I have learnt how to de-stress and have discovered new strategies to cope with those particular fears.

Lynn is Professional, friendly and understanding.